Seats are booked on the basis of written orders. After receiving confirmation of your order, 50% of the value of the combined festival tickets or individual concert tickets ordered should be paid (orders for an amount of less than PLN 100.00 must be paid in full) to the Foundation’s bank account:


BZ WBK S.A. I oddział w Kłodzku

69 1090 2327 0000 0005 9410 0000

After receipt of payment, your booking shall be confirmed by means of an invoice for the advance amount paid, issued to the payer.
Booking shall continue until no more combined festival tickets or individual concert tickets are available, which will be notified on


Combined festival ticket price: PLN 940.00

The combined festival ticket includes entrance to concerts at 16:00, 19:00 and 20:00 as well as the NOCTURNE concert.

The combined festival ticket does not include entrance to the charity concert on the 11th of August, at 19:00.



Ticket prices:

  • Inauguration concert – front seats: PLN 90.00, rear seats: PLN 70.00
  • Concerts on 8-14 August, at 20:00 - PLN 70.00
  • Concerts on 8-15 August, at 16:00 – PLN 50.00
  • Final concert – PLN 80.00
  • Nocturne concert – PLN 150.00
  • Charity concert – CARITAS charity donation certificates – prior to the concert (not included in the combined festival ticket)
  • Master Class – free entrance

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Honourable Patronage OF 70TH JUBILEE FestiVal was taken by THE President of the Republic of Poland - BRONISŁAW KOMOROWSKI



Ladies and Gentlemen


foto-paleczny-1It is our pleasure to invite you to the 70th International Chopin Piano Festival in Duszniki-Zdrój, which will take place on 7-15 August 2015.

The participants invited by us include, among others, many laureates of the International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw.

The Festival is organised by the Foundation of the International Chopin Piano Festival in Duszniki-Zdrój with financial support from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the budgets of the Municipality of Duszniki-Zdrój, the Province of Lower Silesia and the District of Kłodzko, the following Patrons - the Polish Copper Foundation, KAEM, a company based in Baranowo-Przeźmierowo, and ZEM, a company based in Duszniki-Zdrój, as well as from Sponsors and Donors.




Presented below is the programme of the 70th International Chopin Piano Festival in Duszniki-Zdrój.


7 August 2015 (Friday)

    • 20.00: "Amadeus" Chamber Orchestra,
      conductor:  Agnieszka Duczmal,
      piano: Kevin Kenner & Philippe Giusiano;

8 August 2015 (Saturday)

    • 16.00: Takashi Yamamoto;
    • 20.00: Yulianna Avdeeva;

9 August 2015 (Sunday)

    • 16.00: Lukas Geniušas;
    • 20.00: Dang Thai Son;

10 August 2015 (Monday)

    • 16.00:A. Kulka-T.Strahl-A. Przemyk (F. Chopin - Chamber works) ;
    • 20.00: Ewa Pobłocka;

11 August 2015 (Tuesday)

    • 16.00: Andrzej Wierciński the 1st prize winner at the 2015 F.Chopin Institute (NIFC) Competition, Eric Lu the 1st prize winner at the 2015 US National Chopin Piano Competition; 
    • 19.00: Laureates of the February 2015 F. Chopin Institute (NIFC) Competition;
    • 22.00: NOCTURNE;

12 August 2015 (Wednesday)

    • 16.00: Evgeni Bozhanov;
    • 20.00: Alexander Kobrin;

13 August 2015 (Thursday)

    • 16.00: Miroslav Kultyshev;
    • 20.00: Genova/Dimitrov;

14 August 2015 (Friday)

    • 16.00: Ingolf Wunder;
    • 20.00: Krzysztof Jabłoński;

15 August 2015 (Saturday)

    • 16.00: Olga Pasiecznik-Natalia Pasiecznik (songs by F.Chopin);
    • 20.00: Alexander Gavrylyuk.

The inauguration concert will take place at an event tent placed in Spa Park, while the remaining concerts will be held in Chopin’s Manor.

Master Class sessions and the charity concert on 11 August, at 19:00, will be held in the Jan Weber Chamber Music Hall, in the Foundation’s headquarters.
Lecturers will include: Professor Mikhail Voskresensky and Professor Andrzej Jasiński.




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